Lessons offered

Elementary level

Parent-child group

for children from 18 months

Parent-child group

for children from 3 – 4 years

Early musical education, group from 4 years

The aim of the course is to develop musicality through rhythmic-musical education.

Music explorers, group from 6 years

Children explore the world of music with voice, body percussion, percussion instruments, song accompaniment, melody playing, improvisation, movement games, basic knowledge of music theory and rhythm language. The focus is on the fun of active musical activity in a group.

Basic musical training from 6 years

The content of the courses is the learning of basic musical structures such as pitches (notes), rhythms (note values), phrasing and communication using musical language as a form of expression.

Basic training with recorder

Basic training with keyboard

Instrumental and vocal lessons

Recorder / flute / oboe / clarinet / saxophone / bassoon

Brass instruments:
Trumpet / French horn / Trombone / Euphonium / Tenor horn / Tuba

Percussion / Percussion instruments
Percussion / xylophone / glockenspiel / marimba

Keyboard instruments:
Piano / Keyboard

String instruments
Violin / Viola / Violoncello / Double bass

Plucked instruments
Guitar / electric guitar / electric bass

Vocal lessons

Orchestra / Ensembles

  • StringsMinis
  • Whirlwind” String Pre-Orchestra
  • Chamber Orchestra+
  • KidsBO wind orchestra
  • JBO Youth Wind Orchestra
  • Clarinet ensemble
  • Saxophone ensemble
  • Percussion ensemble
  • Recorder ensemble
  • Pop choir
  • Jazz Combo
  • Consortium (mixed instrumentation for adults)

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